Hossain Dyeing & Printing Mills Ltd


Established in 1982, Hossain Dyeing and Printing Mills Ltd. has now become one of the largest and most modern cotton, mixed and synthetic fabrics dyeing, printing and finishing mill in the country. Rightly considered as the trend setter in the industry, Hossain Dyeing and Printing Mills Ltd is equipped with world leading brands of machineries such as 2 units of Kuster Cold Pad Batch machine, 2 units of 17 & 15 colour Zimmer Rotary Printing machine, 6 units of Babcock Stenter machines, Continuous Bleaching range, 3 Flat Bed Printing Machine and many others

One of the first in the country, Anwar Textile's Yarn Dyeing unit has been an inspiration for many others to have followed suit. From an import dependant segment, the pioneering role of Anwar Textiles now makes the country all most 100% self-dependant in 'yarn dyeing' in less than one decade. Consistent quality service and products have kept Anwar Textiles Yarn Dyeing Unit a top for the last 6 consecutive years.


Baitul Hossain Building (14th Floor)

27 Dilkusha Commercial Area

Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

Email : info@hossaindyeing.com

Web : www.hossaindyeing.com